Some people say that the best part of Christmas is not receiving gifts, but giving them. Those people are obviously wrong – and who are they trying to impress anyway? – but there is still plenty of joy to be taken in giving gifts.

However, in order to give gifts, you first have to choose and obtain those gifts, which is often not a joyous experience. All shopping malls and city centres in December are jam-packed with panicked present-seekers and are best avoided, and while the internet offers limitless choice, this can be as much a burden as a blessing when trying to pick the right gift.

Fortunately, Coach has got your back. We haven’t just picked out the very best gifts for runners, cyclists and gym-goers, we’ve also got the inside scoop on the best grooming gift sets and experiences to remember. And if you can’t find the right gift there, we’re still not done trying to help. Scroll your way down this page for an onslaught of fantastic gift ideas.

Fitness Trackers And Running Watches

If you’re have an active man to please, then a first-class fitness tracker or a totally rad running watch might be what they hope to find under the tree. We have the best of both ready for your perusal.

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A fine fragrance is a gift for both the receiver and all those he comes into contact with. Our round-up of the best scents available includes plenty of advice on how to select the right one.

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Beard Trimmers And Oil

It’s all about beards these days, but when people start growing out their facial follicles they often underestimate the maintenance work required. If you’re giving something to the bearded fella in your life, help him out by picking a gift that will tame that face mane.

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Wireless Headphones

Think of this as two gifts. One is music – the perfect way to entertain oneself during a workout. The second is freedom. Freedom from wires. Everyone hates wires, especially when trying to exercise.

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It’s a big gift this – probably not one for your work’s Secret Santa – and one that deserves careful consideration and a fair bit of research. Thankfully we’ve done the hard yards for you. Start (and, frankly, finish) with our pick of the best treadmills, with options for every budget.

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Exercise Bikes And Turbo Trainers

When the weather turns frosty many cyclists head indoors for their training sessions. To do that they need either a turbo trainer to park their bike on or an exercise bike. Or they can just ride around the house. If you live with someone who does the latter, then we know what will be sitting under the tree for them on 25th December.

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Rowing Machines

An indoor rower is the perfect way to stay in shape at home, and they usually fold up nice and small so they can be stashed in a cupboard. We’ve rounded up the best rowers to buy from £96 to £949.

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Electric Toothbrushes

Some people might take this the wrong way, so assure them you just wanted to get them a dynamite gift, not comment on their breath. Step this way for the very best electric toothbrushes.

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Water Filter Jugs

Here’s one you almost certainly haven’t considered yet – the gift of great-tasting water. Think of this as a Hail Mary present for the man who really does have it all, or at least all of the above.

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